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Top 10 Christmas Science Demonstrations

It’s Christmas time, and here at science made simple we’re looking forward to the festivities. Here are some Christmas science demonstrations to keep you going and entertain your relatives – enjoy!   1.  Multi-coloured Christmas Brandy Lighten up your Christmas pudding

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Top 12 facts you about…errr 12!

Today it’s 12/12/12! So, to celebrate this little trinket, we’ve extended our usual top ten blog to twelve little factoids to make your day.   1.The word twelve is the largest number with a single syllable in the English language.

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Irish Science Week 2012

By Zoë Randell. It was to be my first ever foreign job as a science communicator. I’d known about it for ages – Science Week Ireland was happening in November – and science made simple were going to send me!

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