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Halloween Science

For this week’s blog post, we’ve turned out the lights! Although I’m sure Halloween was never really a thing when I was a youngster, nowadays it seems to take up a whole purple-lit aisle in the supermarket, so we’ll go

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Abu Dhabi Science Festival Training

By James Piercy   Now in its third year, the Abu Dhabi science festival is absolutely massive. Over ten days they expect an audience of 120,000 people through the doors, seeing shows, events and taking part in hands-on workshops. Looking

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The science of death

By Zoë Gamble Humans have a morbid curiosity about death. Different cultures have different beliefs and traditions when it comes to ‘passing on’. And, throughout history, humans have tried find ways to extend life, or to ensure life after death.  

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Animal Adaptations

by Abigail Read Evolution is a wonderful thing: It’s thanks to evolution and the different environments we find in the UK, that we can enjoy living with a fantastic range of different plants and animals.  In this blogpost I’m going

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Your Brilliant Brain

by James Piercy   An adult brain weighs about 1.5 kg, has the texture of blancmange, and controls everything that you do and think. This remarkable machine is built of nerve cells (neurons) – about 100 billion of them! Each

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Tongues and Tastebuds

In 1901, german scientist Deiter Hanig conducted some taste research using volunteers. His results suggested that different areas of the tongue had different levels of sensitivity to different tastes. You can start making money online today! Play the new fluffy

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The Amazing Ear

by Wendy Sadler As a music lover, I guess it’s no surprise that I am going to (ear) wax lyrical about why I think the human ear is one of the most amazing pieces of biology I have ever come

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Beyond the Biological

by Rosie Coates   Throughout Biology Week 2013, the team at science made simple are celebrating all things biological, and we’re certainly spoilt for choice when in comes to subjects for our daily blog posts. It may come as some

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