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Blue light and our bodies

by Simon Jones This week I want to look at two applications of blue light. One, we talk about regularly in our popular biomedical Engineering for Life show; using blue light as a means of treating the disease jaundice. The other

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Exploring light and shadows

by Wendy Sadler Now the days are getting longer and the rain is finally coming less often (unless you live in Cardiff of course!) we like any opportunity to get outside and work in the sunshine*. This is a great

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Girls in STEM

by Wendy Sadler and Rosie Coates I’ve been speaking today about the issue of the under-representation of girls in STEM subjects at the ‘Science and the Assembly‘ event in Cardiff Bay. You can find the slides below along with a

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Mass, Moles and Measuring

by Rosie Coates “Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.” “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” This is the law taught to French students routinely and paraphrased from Antoine Lavoisier’s “Traité Élémentaire de Chimie“.

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Illuminating stuff! Luminescence: Light without heat

Shedding some light To understand this impressive sounding example of light we’re going to need to understand what light is. Light is a form of energy transfer, with different amounts of energy giving different colours.  The light we see is

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Pupil to Presenter – Prince’s Trust and Will I Am funded project

XL club pupils put on a successful science show! Bedwas High School students have successfully put on a science event at Graig Y Rhacca Primary, Machen. Including fun science galore, they taught the younger pupils the science of records with

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Cameras at the ready, it’s competition time!

Our friends over at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) are celebrating civil engineering in Wales with a photography competition, huzzah! It’s open to members and non members, and there’s a under 18 category too. science made simple love engineering

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IET Faraday partnership- Building Relationships and Legacy

As we kick off our 4th year of partnership with IET Faraday we reflect on the project; taking engineering shows to Key stages 1-4 students across the UK and drawing teachers’ attention to some of the great resources available through

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Give us a smile! Are you using more or fewer muscles than it takes to frown?

by Zoë Gamble Is it true that you use more muscles to frown than smile? Actually, there isn’t any proof behind this old saying. Scientists have studied the muscles needed for both facial expressions, and to do a small smile generally

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