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David joins Lightyear Foundation board of Trustees

We are delighted to announce that David Price, star science presenter, busker and trainer, is joining the Board of Trustees of Lightyear Foundation. Read on to find out about  Lightyear Foundation, and their exciting new project, Lab_13 Ghana.   Lightyear

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Hooray for Mole Day!

  Chemistry enthusiasts all over the world will be celebrating Mole Day between 6:02 am and 6:03 pm today!  But they aren’t commemorating the creature or undercover spies, benign tumours or even tasty sauces used in Mexican cuisine… It’s Avogadro’s constant of course!

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Could you star in a science video?

The Royal Institution are looking for Welsh families to take part in a science video! The RI have a great collection of science videos on their website, and you and your family could be in the next one! Do you have at

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‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 1: Egg Geode

By Farhin Begum Hello to all you scientists and non scientists! You’re probably wondering why this is entitled ‘I’m not a scientist’  …working in a science environment, as science made simple’s trusty receptionist with no science background has got me

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Why do leaves change colour in autumn?

By Becca Smithers It is officially autumn! What a beautiful time of year! All around us leaves gradually change from green to orange, brown and red. In this blog post we look at the science behind the falling leaves, do

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Travellers guide to physics – how to have a quiet night’s sleep

The quietest hotel in the world? by Wendy Sadler I’m heading out of the UK for a few days as I’ve been invited to share some science made simple experiences with the European Physical Society conference in Belgrade. They’ve asked

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