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Science “tricks”!

Looking for ideas for challenges or new party piece to show unsuspecting friends? Here are some cool science tricks that you can wow your friends with at home. Remove a penny from under a match without touching it – or even from a

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Why do birds sing so much in spring?

By Becca Smithers Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the birds are getting louder! Why do we hear birds singing in spring after such a quiet winter? The answer is simple… Sex.

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A total eclipse of the sun! Well…almost!

  By Becca Smithers Here in the UK on 20th March between 8:35 am and 10:41 am there will be a massive partial eclipse of the sun. The further north you go, the moon will obscure more and more of the

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Blood – Everything you ever wanted to know about the red stuff

By Zoë Gamble Blood – we’ve all got it. Have you ever wondered why this red liquid is constantly being pumped around our bodies? What does it mean to have a certain blood ‘type’? Why can you donate blood to some

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