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National Sun Screen Day 27th May

By Ruth Perkins Well hello sunshine! Today is National Sun Screen Day so let’s take a look at our skin’s love/hate relationship with that great glowing sphere in the sky. As well as all the light we can see, there

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Wireless Communication

By James Piercy This year I had the opportunity to take my science communication to a new media. After a series of successful talks about the traumatic brain injury I suffered in 2011, I worked with a freelance producer to

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‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 3: Crystal Sticks

By Farhin Begum Hello my fellow non-scientists (and scientists of course)! I really hope you all are enjoying my crystals activities so far! Unfortunately, this will be the last crystals activity, as there are lots of other exciting and creative things

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Risky Business at the Big Bang Fair

By Leanne Gunn “How do you make health and safety exciting?” This was the question flying around the science made simple office when we were asked by Engineering UK and the Lloyd’s Risk Register to develop a science show all

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International Firefighters’ Day: 4th May

The recent oil spill in the Gulf reminds us how important proper safety training is in the oil and gas industry. When an emergency occurs, the knowledge gained through training is essential to reacting calmly and appropriately. Preventing an emergency

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