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What does Father’s Day have to do with science?

by Wendy Sadler In the coming week we’re looking forward to celebrating two very important dates – Father’s Day (21st June) and National Women in Engineering Day (23rd June). Just two days apart, but other than that you may wonder why

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Women in Engineering

  Here at science made simple, we are proud to say that we do our best to promote engineering to both girls and boys, and challenge traditional gender stereotypes in engineering careers. Find out below how we do this, and discover

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Fishy Business

By David Price The first day of the fishing season… You get up bright and early and head to the river equipped with all the best baits, lures and tackle anticipating all the fish you are going to catch. But by the

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Depression – the inside story

by Dale Knight Here at science made simple, we love sharing our passion for science, and helping others who wish to do the same! This blog post is written by fellow science communicator and blogger Dale Knight. Dale has a

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Skincare Science and Micellar Water

By Wendy Sadler Surfactants and Skin: The secrets of Micellar water Millions of people round the world are affected by acne. Acne are often mild or severe and may be caused by various environmental and biological reasons. In treating acne,

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