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Science of Running

On Saturday 26th March 2016, Becca, and Zoë ran the IAAF World Half Marathon in Cardiff! In our preparation to run 13.1 miles we looked into the science behind running. How important is running to humans? How do we run? And the question most

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Volcanoes… To ooze or to boom?

By Leanne Gunn Volcanoes come in lots of shapes and sizes. It is all down to the style of the eruptions that they produce. Some have steep slopes and erupt with big explosions, throwing vast quantities of rock and ash high

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Did the Earth Move for You?

By James Piercy Back in January I travelled to Malta to work with staff at Esplora a new science centre opening soon on the island. At about 06.00 on 13th January I was disturbed a loud noise and rattling. It only

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