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The Science of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Seeing a positive result on a pregnancy test for the first time was a moment I’ll always remember. Like other mums-to-be I’m sure, I began wondering whether my baby was healthy, and started looking forward to having a scan so

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Strengthening Muscle

By Becca Smithers What are muscles? There are three types of muscle in the human body: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal. This blog will focus on skeletal muscle, to find out more about smooth and cardiac muscle, read Zoë‘s blog here.

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How many fruit and nut chocolate bars for my five a day?

By Natasha Mendes Mmm chocolate! Fruit and nut chocolate bars, a hot drink enjoyed by the fire… There is something about these cold, dark winter months that encourage me to overindulge. It can’t be all bad for me, right? One

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Microorganisms: making our food delicious!

By Becca Smithers Lots of our food and drink are produced with the help of microorganisms! These bacteria and fungi break down sugars in food and drink and convert them to acids, gases, or alcohols. This process is called fermentation.

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