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“I’m Not a Scientist!” – Kitchen Activity 1: Edible Play Dough

By Farhin Begum Hello Friends! I am back with a whole new blog series and we will be looking at kitchen science! We will use different ingredients that you may have lying around in the kitchen and transform them into

“I’m Not a Scientist!” – Rainbow Activity 3: Ice Cube Drawing

By Farhin Begum Hello folks! I hope everyone has had an amazing time with  second series on “I’m not a Scientist” blog – rainbow edition! I have one more exciting activity for you and it’s easy to do with things you

‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 3: Crystal Sticks

By Farhin Begum Hello my fellow non-scientists (and scientists of course)! I really hope you all are enjoying my crystals activities so far! Unfortunately, this will be the last crystals activity, as there are lots of other exciting and creative things

‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 2: Chocolate Crystal Geode

By Farhin Begum Hello to all you scientists and non scientists! I am so glad you came back for some more crystal action! The last activity I did was an exciting experiment on growing your own Egg Geodes, which sadly

‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 1: Egg Geode

By Farhin Begum Hello to all you scientists and non scientists! You’re probably wondering why this is entitled ‘I’m not a scientist’  …working in a science environment, as science made simple’s trusty receptionist with no science background has got me

MURFI Rover Trial: UK scientists prepare to drive rovers on Mars

By Leanne Gunn The popularity of science fiction films and books shows us that there is something very exciting about exploring other worlds and planets. For many people this stops at fiction, however, for planetary scientists, like Dr Matthew Balme and

When is a click not a click?

by Wendy Sadler Last week the trackpad on my laptop stopped working. It wouldn’t click and seemed to be stuck down. It was surprising how essential this little piece of technology is to getting anything done, so I went to

‘Tis the season to be jolly… scientists!

by Rosie Coates With Christmas around the corner, we’re feeling festive at science made simple HQ, and for us festivities always mean extra helpings of science.  In this blogpost we’ll delve into some of the science featuring in Yuletide weather,

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