Becca Smithers

Becca is a biologist by nature (and by Bachelor’s degree!) but loves to explore and communicate all aspects of science. In 2014 she completed her Master’s degree in Science, Media and Communication where she developed her skills as a science presenter and her understanding of science communication.

It is so important for people of all abilities and backgrounds to feel involved in science, and understand how it affects them as individuals. Becca’s aim as a science communicator is to get people thinking about science and for them to realise that it can be a hobby and interest, not just a subject at school.

Becca’s favourite part about performing STEM shows is the reaction from the audience. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a room full of people light up when you demonstrate a fun experiment or teach them something they didn’t previously know. Becca loves to share her enthusiasm for science, which she can do every day by working for science made simple.

Videos and Gallery

Here’s Becca explaining how you could use probability to win prizes with the Monty Hall Problem.


Here Becca demonstrates how you could make a bowl sound musical.


In 2016 Becca was part of a team that travelled to Hong Kong to present specially written science shows. This is a clip from the Hong Kong News.


Back in 2014, Becca was part of a science made simple team that travelled to South Korea to present shows at Daegu’s National Science Museum, Scientry.


Science Blogs

Here is a selection of some of Becca’s favourite science blogs that she has written for science made simple.





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