Becky Holmes

Becky Holme, speaker, presenter, manager, coach.Twitter

Associate Director – Marketing and HR

Becky spends her days training and looking after the Cardiff team. Her first degree is in Physics, and she holds an MSc in Science Communication from Techniquest, a leading science centre. She holds ILM qualifications in Management and Coaching and is a gold level LAMDA accredited speaker.  She’s racked up many years of presenting and business experience at science made simple, and has presented science to all audiences, from ages 5 to 85.

Her favourite aspect of science communication is presenting and developing new shows for the younger audiences, aiming to create a better image for science within today’s popular culture. Her favourite aspect of business is helping others reach their full potential and the wonder of never knowing how far a good project idea can take you.

Videos and Gallery

Ever wondered how a hot air balloon works? Here’s Becky to show you how.

Becky demonstrates how to destroy a CD/DVD that remains you of an ex partner on Valentines day.

Becky talked at Ignite Cardiff 14 about her love of Firemen. She demonstrated some science, her sense of humour and why she shouldn’t be trusted with matches. Maybe watch this one without the kids.

Becky’s children form half of the little SMSers. Here’s their work:

Science Blogs

Becky is a keen blogger, creating both writen and visual content about her favourite areas of the scientific world. Here are a few of her favourites:






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