Dan Reed

DanDan Reed


Manager – finance and legal

Dan is Science Made Simple’s finance manager and legal eagle. He’s also our solderer-in-chief and loves to take our Madlab electronics workshops to schools and festivals, where we talk about electrical components, putting circuit boards together and soldering.

When Dan isn’t talking money, law and resistors, he can often be found buried up to his neck in chillies. Not only does he enjoy growing chillies in the fine sub tropical climate of Wales, he also makes a variety of sauces, jams, pickles and powders from them, selling them from his Chilli of the Valley company. During the summer and autumn months, when the fresh chillies are in season, Dan likes to go out chilli busking at festivals for Science Made Simple.

Videos and Gallery

Dan is science made simple’s resident Chilliologist. Here is he explaining why Chilli’s are so hot.

Dan is also the proud parent of half of the little SMSers. Here they are setting his head on fire.

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