David Price


STEM Communicator, Business Manager North

David completed his undergraduate studies at Liverpool University in History and American Studies in 1988. After working in industry for 10 years he became a builder of interactive science exhibits and now loves to build science shows and highly interactive science experiences for audiences of ALL ages.

Always a keen informal science communicator, in 2009 David was the awarded BIG STEM Communicators’ Network professional study bursary, which took him to the World Street Performance Championships. This visit launched him into his chosen specialism of science busking which he pursues with vigour around the world.

In 2010 David was awarded the Manchester Science Festival Josh Award for outstanding innovation in science communication for his work in developing and popularizing science busking techniques.

David is a LAMDA trained public speaker to gold level with distinction. He regularly trains diverse groups in both science communication and science busking techniques. Recently he undertook a month long tour of Norway on behalf of the Association of Norwegian Science Centre’s in order to foster science busking there.

Videos and Gallery

David performs yet more expert science busking to unsuspecting shoppers in Manchester. Armed with only a suitcase of miscellaneous objects, David entertains, delights, and even makes heads explode

Here is David explaining what makes a whip crack.

David uses science to put a mobile phone inside a balloon.

Here is David giving his expert advice to anyone wishing to take up science communication.


Science Blogs

David enjoys writing science blogs based on his travels and his interests. Here are a few of his favourites.






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