Gaz Smith

Gaz has a Masters in Science Communication, and, aside from being one half of The Experimentrics show team, he constructs props and demonstration equipment for science made simple shows. Less excitingly he also deals with Health and Safety issues.

Following his first degree in Biochemistry, he became an interactive exhibit developer and has worked on science exhibitions in the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and, unusually, Liechtenstein.

After gaining his Masters in 2001, he co-developed and toured a circus science show, and followed that with running a Wales-wide Mathematics engagement project before joining science made simple, where his involvement with the critically acclaimed theatre show Visualise began. Aside from riding motorbikes, he loves blurring the boundaries between art and science and is happiest when working with wood.

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Gaz makes up half of ‘The Experimentrics’. A mischievous mix of physical theatre and live science demonstrations – all performed without words!

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