Matthew Allen


Matthew is a science communicator and educational resource developer for science made simple. He spends most of his time developing Virtual Reality and 3D resources that can be used in school and at public events, to teach and excite people about science.

Matthew’s background is in astrophysics. He achieved his Masters in Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University in 2012, before working for the European Space Agency for a year on the Gaia spacecraft. He then returned to Cardiff to do a PhD in astrophysics, specifically studying how the Universe and galaxies have evolved over the last 14 billion years!

Matthew also does a lot of science communication under the alias the UKAstroNut. He runs his own YouTube channel where he has made videos such as ‘How do you pee in space’ and ‘How do we know the Earth is round’. He has made a number of smartphone VR apps that allow you to explore the Solar System and the Rosetta mission, using the Google Cardboard VR headset. Matthew is the winner of the inaugural Elsevier Researchers Choice Communication Award.



Science Blogs

Matthew has written a number of blog posts for space made simple and science made simple. Here are some of his favourites!





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