Peri Jones


Peri is a STEM communicator and the Welsh language expert for science made simple. She graduated from Cardiff University with a Masters of Physics in 2013 and decided to continue with research and complete her PhD in Physics, specifically looking at the potential of far infrared light in medical applications and early diagnosis of diseases and cancer.

Peri has worked on various outreach projects while doing her PhD, including many school workshops, talks, presentations and hosted different demonstrations and exhibitions in festivals such as the Eisteddfod and Tafwyl. Peri has also been acknowledged for her work during her PhD by being awarded with the Josephson award for Outstanding Contribution to Science Outreach in 2015 and the University’s Best Academic Representative Award in 2016.

Realising that she loved seeing children and adults of all ages understand a difficult scientific concept, Peri wanted to continue working in the world of science communication to help people realise that science is truly amazing! Originally from North-West Wales, Peri is a fluent Welsh speaker and is passionate about giving bilingual and/or Welsh language schools an opportunity to learn more from our science shows through the medium of Welsh!

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