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Rhys is a science communicator for science made simple.  He graduated from the University of South Wales in 2010 with a degree in Media Production and really honed his presenting skills volunteering for a local charity radio station. He started communicating science when he began working at Techniquest, presenting shows all around South Wales.

Rhys is an accomplished editor of both film and audio, which he frequently fuses with his love of science, making video blogs, writing science shows and even creating his very own podcast Space Gravy, which takes a look at the weird and wonderful world of science. Rhys has also been awarded the LAMDA Gold medal in public speaking.

Rhys’s favourite part of communicating STEM subjects is looking at popular culture and discussing the science behind it, which could be talking to children about Superheroes and how those powers can be linked to engineering or it could just be him moaning about why it’s impractical to send Bruce Willis into space.  Whatever the topic, Rhys is engaging, enthusiastic and loves what he does.

Videos and Gallery

Rhys took part in the British Interactive Group’s Best Demo compeition in 2012, with an original demonstration called ‘Analogue Sound’.

To celebrate Star Wars Day, Rhys (with the help of Lexi) managed to create laser sounds

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday we all made science videos inspired by our favourite Roald Dahl Books. Rhys chose the Twits.

Science Blogs

Here is a selection of some of Rhys’s favourite science blogs that he has written for science made simple.







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