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Zoë Gamble is a Science Communicator for science made simple, and founder of Cardiff-based science improvisational comedy troupe ‘The Simpletons’.   Zoë has performed science shows all over the UK and abroad, to over 20,000 people. She can speak on a vast range of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, making the topic engaging and entertaining whatever the audience’s age or knowledge level.

Zoë has a BSc. in Functional Genomics and Stem Cell Science, MSc. in Science, Media and Communication, and has been awarded the LAMDA gold medal for public speaking. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Wales.

Her favourite part about science communication is the opportunity to share her passion with the audience.  Whether two hundred 14-year-olds are hanging off her every word as she explains advances in 3D printing, or when the room is filled with shrieks of delight when she turns a plastic bag into a hot air balloon for a class of 5-year-olds, Zoë loves to pass on her enthusiasm for science.



Zoë has presented seven short videos on the human body for the BBC Bitesize Website, aimed at at a KS2 audience. You can find all the videos here.


Zoë presented at Science Alive Festival 2016 in Hong Kong. Watch her on the Hong Kong news here:


Zoë worked with a Welsh Government Initiative to encourage parents and their children to try out science activities at home. Here is one of the activities, all about bubble science. Find the rest on our YouTube Channel.


In 2014, Zoë presented science shows in Daegu, South Korea. Here is a short news clip of the event.


In 2015 Zoë entered the BIG Best Demo Competition to make silver and gold! Watch the video of her entry:



Science Blogs

Zoë is a keen science writer, and has written many blog posts on various topics for science made simple. Here are some of her favourites:






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