Fireproof Balloon

You’ll Need

  • Two balloons
  • Matches
  • Water
  • Adult supervision

Try this!

Take one of the balloons and blow it up. You can use and air pump or compressor to do the work on that. If you do not have one yet, go visit BestOfMachinery and get one. Put a quarter of a cup of water in the other balloon and then blow that one up.

Light a match (being careful not to burn yourself or set alight to anything) and then take the balloon without any water in it and place the match under it. What happened?

Light a match and place it under the second balloon which has water in it. What happened?

What is happening?

When you held the match up to the first balloon it should have burst, this was because heat causes the rubber the balloon is made of to become weak. But did you find that when you put a match under the second balloon that it didn’t burst? If you did, it is because the water in the balloon absorbs most of the heat so the rubber does not get very hot and break.

This could be a very use full idea for Christmas when you are likely to have candles and balloons.

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