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About science made simple

Do you have a description of your shows?

Yes details of all the shows can be found here.

Are you any good?

Half of all our bookings are repeat bookings with customers coming back for more. We conduct continuous evaluation of all our shows and presenters and are always updating them to reflect current topics and incorporate feedback. All our staff achieve gold level Lamda awards in public speaking as part of their professional development, and many have received recognition in the news, as well as through television and radio broadcasts.

Are you a profit-making organisation?

We’re a limited company, but any profit generated is reinvested in the company.

What do you mean by a science show?

A science show is a performance with lots of demonstrations and the opportunity for volunteers to join us on stage.  It’s taking science and engineering and showing how it relates to every day life, and is based on topics that students are interested in.

What are the show curriculum links?

Each show description has a list of curriculum links. Choose the one you are interested in to view the curriculum links.

Can we get a reference/speak to a teacher who has seen your show?

If you wish to contact someone who can vouch for us a list of schools is available upon request.

Can we get materials to publicise science made simple at our event?

Of course. Our logos can be found here, or you can use photos of our staff or photos from recent events we have been at.

Are your presenters CRB checked?

Yes, all our presenters have a valid CRB check.


Show Booking

How much do you charge?

To view our prices for visit here.

How far will you travel?

We travel throughout the UK and abroad. We have offices in Cardiff, Norwich and Bolton and charge 40p a mile to travel to where you are from our nearest office. To find out how many miles away you are visit the AA route planner.

Cardiff: CF24 3AA  |  Norwich: NR2 3T  |  Bolton: BL5 3GD

How do I book a show?

You can call us on 02920 876884, email us on, or register your interest online.

What happens If I cancel my booking?

For a standard UK booking we will give you a full refund, provided 10 working days’ notice is given. If you cancel within 10 working days, we will refund you 50% of your fee.

Can you make the shows longer or shorter?

We can extend shows slightly by giving students time for questions, if that helps fit your timetable. Shows can also be shortened, but 40 minutes would be the minimum duration and content would have to be dropped.

Do teachers have to stay in with the students?

Yes, our risk assessments are based on a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 30, and teachers usually enjoy themselves too!

How many different show topics can you do in a day?

We can do up to two show topics per day, although if you prefer we can just do one show topic.

Can you adapt your shows for special needs?

Our presenters are able to adapt shows, but would appreciate as much information as possible in advance to help them prepare.

Can you do talks for adults?

Yes – we’ve found that our shows are also very popular with adult audiences (with or without the children!).

How many people can you talk to?

We have spoken to audiences up to 900 in size, but for larger groups (over 250) we would request assistance with making things more visible (e.g. video cameras for close-ups, or raked seating).  We require at least 30 people in the audience as this makes for a better show atmosphere. If you have three classes of 30 students, why not put them together and have one show for all 90 and save costs.


Show Set Up

How long does a show take?

The secondary school shows take approximately 50 minutes and the primary shows approximately 40 minutes. More accurate times are provided with the website description of each show, and can sometimes be adjusted to suit timetables. Please remember when scheduling to allow time for the pupils to come in and take their seats and to filter out again.

How long do the shows take to set up?

We always allow an hour to set up as we bring a lot of equipment. If the room you will be using is required for a lesson (eg. music or drama practice) we can sometimes set up around the activity,as long as all those involved are happy to be flexible. We do need to have access to the screen, projector and stage end of the room to set up properly.

How many people will come with a show?

We normally send one presenter to perform the show.

How many shows can you do a day?

We usually limit this to a maximum of three shows in a day, but an extra show can sometimes be accommodated for an additional fee.

How many students can you perform to at a time?

We can perform our shows to as many students as you can fit in the venue, as long as they are all of suitable ages for the show being presented. If the audience is sitting in a flat hall, then 100-150 is the optimum number to ensure good engagement and visibility.

How long do you need between performances?

10 minutes is ideal (for most shows), although we can be flexible to fit your timetable. Some shows require longer to reset; please talk to your presenter about this when you arrange the performance times.

When do you need to arrive?

We will arrive one hour before the scheduled performance time. If you are providing the AV equipment we would apprecaite access to an a technician or knowledgable individual during that time. If we are using our own AV kit this will not be necessary.  Shows take one hour to set up and the room needs to be available without students in it for the full hour before the show.

What lunch arrangements need to be arranged?

Our presenters would be delighted to be fed, but can make their own arrangements if required. If the hall is also used for lunch we need to be aware of that in advance so we can arrange to keep the equipment safe.

What about accommodation?

If accommodation is required, this is usually arranged by science made simple, although schools can make arrangements if they wish. This should be discussed in advance.

How much space do you need?

Your school hall or gym will be fine – we need space to set up tables and a projector screen (from you) and space in front of the tables to perform experiments. A raised stage is useful for larger audiences but not essential as long as everyone can see. We generally prefer not to use classrooms.

Is blackout essential?

All shows use a projector and screen so bright rooms can be a problem. Some of our shows have demonstrations that require blackout, as listed in the show description. We can work around it but will have to lose some demonstrations, Please discuss this with your presenter.

What type of tables do you need?

Any tables will do, we need a minimum of 3 metres of table length. We will provide tablecloths.


Show Pricing

Is subsidised funding available?

The British Association for the Advancement of Science has details of schemes which may help you to get funding for your event. The National Science and Engineering Week schemes and the ‘funding opportunities’ link at the bottom of their page have schemes that are open to schools.

Other subsidised funding which we receive is advertised through our website and our newsletter.

Why do you charge for your shows?

We receive no core funding and have to cover all our costs. However, you can reduce costs by getting together with other local schools.

When will I need to pay?

Two weeks before your booking we’ll invoice you. This should be paid within 28 days of receipt. If you need to pay at a different time this can be arranged. If your invoice will need to include expenses which cannot be quantified until after we have performed, you shall not be invoiced until after the event.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, as we are a VAT registered company.  If you are also VAT registered, or a school, you can claim your VAT back.

About SMS  |  Show Booking  |  Show Set Up  |  Show Pricing

What people say about us

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    • “There is no doubt at all that you made a big impact on the pupils, on the parents and indeed on all those who were privileged to be present”
      R. Court, Birkdale School, Sheffield
    • “The show was organised, professional and creative. Many thanks for your hard work and commitment.”
      J. Ford, Barry Comprehensive
    • “You had an attentive and appreciative audience, quite an achievement when you consider that there were eight hundred 14-16 year olds in the auditorium”
      R. Newby, The Training Partnership
    • ‘science made simple have always been a pleasure to work with – not only when they’re presenting amazing science shows for our family audiences, but through training our own staff on their journey to becoming excellent science communicators.’
      Liz Smallman, Head of Learning , Eureka
    • “It was an amazing experience, and all the experiments were informative and exciting. It is an event we will never forget”
      Year 7 Student, Stanchester Academy
    • “We had around 2700 visitors. 98% of visitors rated the event as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Your session was also named by a number of guests as their ‘highlight’ of the festival”
      J. Heaton-Marriott, Lancashire Science Festival
    • “This was the best show. Amazing story! Heartfelt, emotional but furthermore very informative and I found a lot out!”
      Visitor, Lancashire Science Festival
    • “Loved how much the children were involved, and the enthusiasm of Zoë – amazing”
      Thomas’s Clapham, London
    • “We would like to thank you for a fantastic morning of science. We like the way you included us in your presentation and experiments and gave us an insight in science throughout our life”
      Students at Carshalton High School for Girls
    • “Both the staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows and taking part; it was a very welcome addition to our Science Day which provided and opportunity to present science to the children in an exciting way.”
      Thomas Jolyffe Primary School
    • “Your contribution has drawn extremely positive comments from all sections of the school community – pupils and staff, parents, governors and others”
      K. Geary, Marlwood School, Bristol
    • “We all thoroughly enjoyed the two different shows that you put on for us! The children were all talk about them the following day! The teachers were too!”
      Mary Mother of Hope School, Dublin
    • “The students loved every minute of it.  The shows were incredibly well put together, resourced and performed and it is a testament to Zoë for the hard work she puts into the prep work and the performance on the day”
      Sevenoaks School
    • “David was very clever, funny and kept the children engaged.”
      Cross Gates Primary School
    • “Zoe was very pleasant, enthusiastic and engaged the children throughout each show. A very enjoyable day, everyone commented on Zoe’s enthusiasm”
      Uplands Junior School
    • “Engineering I thought was to do with machines and I thought it would be a boring job, but now I think I might be one.”
      student age 10