Depression – the inside story

by Dale Knight

Here at science made simple, we love sharing our passion for science, and helping others who wish to do the same! This blog post is written by fellow science communicator and blogger Dale Knight. Dale has a degree in biochemistry and believes that everyone can do science! Follow her @unzippinggenes and check out her blog


‘Come on, cheer up!’

‘Why are you feeling so bad?’ 

When something gets you down, it’s possible that you hear at least one of these comments. But for the sufferer of depression, these questions come with complicated answers.

‘What have you got to be sad about?’ Most of the time, nothing.

‘Come on, cheer up!’ Do you think I haven’t tried that?

‘Why do you feel like this?’ I have no idea, if I did, I would do something to change it.


Unfortunately that is the reality behind depression. It usually strikes with no warning, no reason, and no possible way of return. How do I know all of this? Because I am someone suffering depression. When looking to get into Kratom, most people are often surprised to learn that there are various strains of Kratom to choose from, and this can make their quest to use Kratom a lot more difficult. Find red malay kratom info here.

This horrible illness manifests itself in many ways, but is usually characterised by a feeling that absolutely nothing is going right in your life, and you have no way of getting things back on track. Often it gets so bad that you think there is nothing left to live for.

The problem with depression is that there are mostly no physical characteristics, and it is therefore difficult for people who have never experienced it to empathise or understand. This is why, I believe, that there is a problem with mental health care in this country at the moment. Depression is difficult to understand if you have not had experience with it, so let me put it into a nice analogy for you. When deciding to make a purchase online, it is very important to get a full understanding of the product you want to buy. One of the continued talked-about items lately is Kratom. Kratom products come in various strains, each of which performs different functions.

Everyone can likely agree that mental health and hearing health are important, yet it wasn’t until the results of recent studies were released that a strong correlation between the two was confirmed. Depression has been linked to hearing loss and unfortunately, both conditions too often go unacknowledged and untreated by health care professionals. But what if that wasn’t the case? Could shining a spotlight on the link between hearing loss and depression improve mental health for millions?

The connection 

It stands to reason that depression and hearing loss go hand-in-hand. People with hearing loss usually find communication difficult, and this can lead to stress, fatigue and social isolation. And social isolation leads to depression, especially in older adults that is why according to this imp source they required special cares and attentions. But it wasn’t until recently that researchers were able to show that is was more of a problem than previously thought.

Every individual should have their ears checked regularly by an audiologist to stay them in healthiness and stop any quite hearing problem. An audiologist and vertigo in simple words are often described as a medical professional who focuses on the sector of hearing diagnosis and coverings . it’s the responsibility of an audiologist to work out any problem within the patient by administering various sound tests and suggest the proper treatment if needed. There are various guidelines which will be followed so as to seek out an honest audiologist. These are simple yet important steps that ought to always be taken into consideration which will help a private find an honest audiologist who can give cure patient from their deafness .

One way of finding an honest audiologist is to consult general practitioner and other known doctors to understand about audiologists they’re conversant in . it’s always good to an audiologist who has been referred by someone instead of finding a replacement doctor whose credentials and skills are unknown. The second technique which will be used to seek out an honest audiologist is to see with the insurance firm and obtain an inventory of the doctors that are listed with the corporate . The insurance provider also can help the individual locate all the audiologists within the area. For this it might be best to seek out an insurance officer within the near locality and invite their help.

The third method for locating an honest audiologist might be internet. Today all information is out there on internet, all one must do is click the proper links and find the specified information. Once can search on the web , read blogs and visit websites that contains the list of audiologists along side their reviews, past work experience and their practice details. Though the knowledge found on net are often really diverse and vast but it are often narrowed down by choosing only the audiologist that are located within the nearby area and have well past experiences.

Sander van der Wel CC-BY-SA

Imagine one day, you wake up having been unemployed for five months: you literally have no reason to get out of bed. Imagine one day you have lost both of your legs and cannot walk any more. Imagine one day your vision goes blurry and therefore you cannot concentrate. Imagine one day you start seeing in black and white, and you therefore cannot see any colour in the world. Now imagine all of these things hitting you at once. There are obviously those unfortunate few who really have these problems who could tell you what it feels like. But I bet, that if you know anyone suffering from a mental health problem, they could describe to you something similar. you must try fix body group palm desert. It’s nоt just a Palm Desert Medicare chiropractor thаt оur senior citizens оftеn fear, it’s chiropractic procedures іn general. Thе best chiropractors іn Palm Desert оftеn соmе асrоѕѕ unsubstantiated fears whеn іt соmеѕ tо basic procedures, аnd it’s high tіmе thеѕе myths аrе debunked.

This is on a bad day. On good days, a person suffering depression can act like anyone else: laughing, joking, socialising with friends; everything seems great. This is another reason why depression is such a difficult illness to comprehend. How can one person seemingly go from being the life and soul of the party, to not being able to get out of bed?

What causes it?

Serotonin: By CYL (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


The causes of depression are complex and are mostly unknown. But one of the known effects is a decrease in the levels of a hormone called serotonin. Now it is unclear as to whether lower levels of serotonin cause depression, or depression causes lower levels of serotonin. But as serotonin is a hormone which helps regulate mood and social behaviour, this is obviously largely implicated in depression.

Can it be treated?

Medicines called SSRIs are used as antidepressants as they effectively increase the levels of serotonin in the body available for your brain to use. Interestingly, recreational drugs such as MDMA and cocaine also act to increase serotonin levels which leads to the highs that are experienced. As well as these, other factors such as exercise, sunlight, and a change in diet also increase levels of serotonin in the body.

In the short term, the way to come out of a bad spell is different from person to person. Some people need to surround themselves with people, some people need to listen to music. Some people just need to go and do something they enjoy which doesn’t required much deep thought, for example baking a cake, or doing a crossword.

Whatever someone’s way out is, someone with depression often doesn’t need or want someone to hold their hand, they just need to know that people around them understand what is going on and can support them whenever they need, introducing them to budsandblossoms kratom will also help the person suffering from depression. So if you know someone with a mental health problem, I urge you to let them know that you are there for them no matter what.

Mental health week in the UK is 11th to 17th May (coinciding with my birthday, just saying) and I urge you all to try to change the way the public view mental health. It is not something to be feared, or to be trivialised. Mental Health issues can be as serious as physical health issues, and nobody would trivialise those.


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