Bubble in a CD and the Magnus effect – Valentine Science!

Happy Valentines day!

This year we have an anti-valentines video and a pro-valentines video. How ever the mood takes you, there is some science below for you.

Watch Becky blow bubbles with a DVD and David’s adorable love poem, harnessing the magnus effect for the special effects.

To recreate Becky’s demo we have the full instructions below the videos.

Still hankering for more love demo’s? Here is a collection of some of the best love demos out there, that we collated last year.

Blow bubbles with a DVD – Destroy those photos of your ex!

David’s poem – The Magnus Effect heart

A full video explaining the magnus effect


Blowing bubbles with a CD or DVD

It’s almost valentines day. For some this is a lonely, lonely time. Everything can remind you of your ex!

What can we do with these pesky love song CDs and DVDs of images of your ex, which let’s face it,  you never really liked anyway.

Let’s aim for absolutely annihilating them!

What you will need.

*** Safety warning ***

This demo creates fumes and involves a naked flame, please perform this demo in a suitable space that is well ventilated. Do not do it for sustained lengths of time. The molten plastic becomes very hot. 

  • Lighter
  • An unneeded CD or DVD. Becky found a DVD to work best. The DVD you use will be unusable after wards.
  • Ventilated room.

Lets do it! Grab your love songs DVD. First we need to split it and separate it

To do this cut into the DVD. If it makes a noise when you cut, that means the DVD is likely to work, if it cuts smoothly and quietly you may need to find another DVD from another ex.

Once you have cut 3/4 way in to centre rip the rest of the day. The two sides should then separate. Once it is separated take the non silver section. You can throw this away.

Using a lighter and heat with a little bit of a circular motion. The heat makes the plastic molten: made liquid by heat

Don’t hold the lighter too close to the DVD as that will burn the plastic. We are aiming for molten you will it sagging of it is working. Once you start to see it start to droop you need to blow.

Once we apply a force we get a bubble!! The bubble cools very quickly reverting back to a solid but remaining in bubble shape. As it retains its shape you get a perma bubble. You should be able to blow it up again, over and over, as they will not pop once cooled.

Did you get it to work? Tweet us an image @scimadesimple #lovescience


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