Simple science to try at home

science made simple‘s Ruth Perkins has teamed up with Education Begins at Home to bring you these quick and easy science demonstrations you can try at home.

Ever wanted super powers? Well, now you can!


1. The power of telekinesis – move things with your mind!

What’s really going on is harnessing the power of static electricity using a balloon and a cloth. Grab an empty drinks can and see if you can make it move without touching it. Challenge your friends to a static electricity can race!


2. The power of invisibility

This simple science demonstration looks really cool – and it’s all due to something called the ‘refractive index’ of materials. Because oil and glass have a very similar refractive index, glass placed in oil can appear to vanish!


3. The power of super speed

You’re going to need the power of super speed to do this! This one works because of the difference in inertia between the eggs and the tubes (hopefully!)



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Education Begins at Home
Welsh Government’s Education Begins at Home campaign provides information on how you can support your child at home and help their performance in school.


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