Top 10 Origami Animals

Here’s a neat little idea. Get some nice patterned paper in lots of colours and have a go at origami animals. Our resident origami expert Abby made some and photographed them for us, so everything you see below was made by her (although we wonder if she had some help). Once they’re made, these animals make for cool little decorations.

1.  Angelfish

An blue origami angelfishDifficulty: 

A simple 2D angelfish, notable for its triangular nature. Don’t forget the white tack eyeball!



Instructions here!

2.  Butterfly

A 3D grey and red origami butterflyDifficulty:

A lovely little 3D, but not quite self-standing, butterfly. Fun fact: this is easier to make from paper than from caterpillars.


Instructions can be found in Everything Origami by Matthew Gardiner


3.  Cat

A cute yellow origami catDifficulty: 
A simple standing cartoon cat. Looks much better with cheesy little paws and squinty eyes.



Instructions by video here!

4.  Crab

Red origami crabDifficulty: 
Description: This snappy little fellow looks almost life-like, especially in bright colours. We’re technically cheating here as we’re using scissors (known as kirigami).


Instructions here!


5.  Dragonfly

purple 3D origami dragonfly creatureDifficulty: 
This one also requires scissors, but look how awesome it looks!



Instructions here!


6.  Dragon

Red 3D origami dragon creatureDifficulty:
A flying dragon, so intricate and complex you half expect them to do this with the napkins at the Savoy. I’ll recommend it next time I’m there.



Instructions by video here!


7.  Dinosaur

green t-rex tyrannosaurus rex dancing origmaiDifficulty: 
A pretty flashy looking green T-Rex. Currently caught in the middle of dancing to Gangnam style.



Instructions here!


8.  Dolphin

blue dolphin origamiDifficulty: 
A simple little bottle nose dolphin.




Instructions here!


9.  Frog

green leaping jumping origami frogDifficulty: 
This is the classic leaping frog. Once made, you can press finger on back of frog and make it jump forward. Then see who can make theirs jump the furthest for a fun little game.
Instructions by video here!


10.  Turtle

3D complicated origami turtleDifficulty: 

A padded shell turtle made with 2 bits of paper; the 2nd piece is padding for the shell and is optional.


Instructions can be found in Everything Origami by Matthew Gardiner



So there you have it, ten origami investments to try in your spare time. Or when you should be working but really want to do something more interesting!

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