Maths Games and Resources

On this page you will find maths information sheets, activities, and interesting links. These resources are designed for teachers or students to accompany our Maths Apps show.


Information and activities


Could maths change your life? (English)

Could maths change your life? (Cymraeg)

In the ‘MathsApps’ show we saw that studying maths changed Darren’s life. How has maths been used to change lives, and even save lives?



Maths Makes and Do (English)

Maths Make and Dos (Cymraeg)

What’s the chance that another person in your class has the same birthday as you? Can you make a piece of paper aerodynamic? Can you ‘bend it like Beckham’ with a spinning cup? For a video of spinning cups in action, click here.



Graphs in Medicine (English)

Graphs in Medicine (Cymraeg)

Why is graphing a really useful tool for spotting trends and sudden changes in behaviour?


Maths Apps Videos

The videos from the Maths App show are available to view here:

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Maths games and puzzles

Missing Multipliers Peaches Future Morph games
A table square game of logic deduction! Work out the missing numbers which complete the grid. A mental arithmetic challenge all about taking and giving peaches. It gets hard! A small selection of colourful games and personality puzzles.

Collection of useful links: Maths Apps useful links (English)

Maths Apps useful links (Cymraeg)

More links – Further maths support programme – WIMCS guide to fun maths sites – Online muti-media resources