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What is it?

Our Space Our Future (OurSpace) brings the excitement of inspirational hands-on, career-linked STEM shows and workshops to your school.

We will engage your whole year 7-8 year group through four linked hands-on STEM sessions, alongside teacher CPD, community activities and supporting online content to help get the whole school involved.

Space is a stable growing employment sector that provides many career opportunities. However, few young people consider pursuing a career in a space-related field.

We want to inspire your students, guiding them towards new paths that may not be obvious to them. We believe that space science is an awe-inspiring topic through which we can raise interest in STEM skills and career paths. We are developing a series of workshops and shows which encourage interdisciplinary links and embed STEM into the curriculum at a deeper level.

OurSpace is fully funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme – this means that all resources provided are at no cost to the school.

The project includes:

When is it?

OurSpace runs from Spring 2020 until Spring 2021.

An initial summary of the timetable can be found here: OurSpace – summary of school participation_v1

Who is it for?

We are in the process of recruiting 10 secondary schools in Wales to participate in 2020-21.

The student programme is for Year 7 students at the start, who would then participate as they progress through Year 8 (there is also the option to schedule this in Year 8 only if this causes difficulties for you).

Teacher CPD is for any teacher in the participating schools who wish to attend. We would like to invite nearby schools to join too.

The community event can be planned according to the school’s own plans regarding involving the wider school community but should aim to involve students’ families and friends, and other school supporters.

Participating schools

To register your interest please email

We will get back in touch to tell you more and arrange how this could work best in your school.


Student interventions

Four interventions for Year 7-8 students will be delivered in school, with content linked across them and a activities which appeal to a variety of learning styles. The project has a strong focus on being as inclusive as possible – our aim is to engage the whole year group using a range of learning styles and methods to address issues of unconscious bias in the classroom.

Summer 2020             This has nothing to do with Space

50 min science show, whole year group

In this interactive show, we will explore some of the ways that space science research is benefiting all of our lives on Earth right now.  Through exciting and interactive demonstrations, this show will show students some science which has both nothing – and everything – to do with space science.

Early Autumn 2020    Title to be confirmed

50 min workshop, class size groups

A hands-on workshop where students can practice some of the skills required by scientists and engineers working the space industry. Content will link to This has Nothing to do with Space (above).

Late Autumn 2020      Title to be confirmed

50 min workshop, class size groups

A hands-on workshop taking students a step further in their exploration of space science skills and careers.

Spring 2021                 Now Hiring: Space

Format to be adapted in consultation with school and to support community event (below)

This careers-focussed activity will provide opportunities for students to hear from some of the people working in space industry jobs in Wales and across the World, and learn about their work through exciting and interactive demonstrations.

Teacher CPD

Date and format to be created according to school interest and requirements (as twilight sessions or as a full day event in collaboration with other participating schools, for example. Or a combination of both).

Community Event

Spring 2021

In consultation with the school, we will showcase work done with students at your school to parents and the wider community. This event can be interpreted according to the needs of the school and should support an existing event. We hope to involve participating students in presenting at this event, supporting them to develop soft skills for the world of work. The event aims to encourage engagement between family members, the school and the work of students.

Online Content      

As the project progresses, this web page will change to signpost teachers, students and their families to additional STEM and career information. Watch this space!

Impact Evaluation

We ask that teachers and students participate in evaluation activities delivered through the events. Three key things we want to understand are:

  • What is the impact of OurSpace interventions on students’ attitudes towards space science in five key areas: interest, relevance, accessibility, possible selves, and future aspirations?
  • What is the impact of OurSpace interventions on teachers’ attitudes and classroom practice?
  • How do the public experience and participate with OurSpace community events?

We will use a number of methods to answer these different questions, including postcard-questionnaires filled out by students (before and after the project as a whole) and focus groups with students from some of the involved schools. There will also be some evaluation of the teacher CPD and community events. As well as helping us understand the impact of our project on the attitudes surrounding STEM and careers related to space, it will also support future similar projects.

How do I get involved?


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 821871

OurSpace will operate in five EU countries, and as such provides opportunities for your students to learn about science and technology innovation across the world.

Read more about the project in all countries at