James wins the Royal Society Radio Prize

James casual mugshot
We are delighted to announce that science made simple presenter James Piercy has been awarded The Royal Society Radio Prize of the 2016 ABWS Awards. This is a prize for the best scripted/edited radio programme or podcast, supported by The Royal Society.

Team: Writer and presenter: James Piercy. Producer: Toby Murcott. My Head. Pier Production for BBC Radio 4 and World Service. First broadcast 06/05/20.


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Every year around a quarter of a million people suffer traumatic brain injury in the UK. James Piercy is one of those. On 30th January 2011. a nail pierced the tyre of the car he was travelling in. The car left the road and hit a tree.

This is the story of his injury and subsequent recovery. He meets the policeman who held his head and kept him breathing, the air ambulance team who rushed him to hospital and the surgeon who drilled a hole in his skull in the middle of the night.

James also takes a journey through our current understanding of the brain, and how studying injuries like James’ are helping to shape the modern, very different, explanations of how our brains work.