The Pod, recycling clothes, and exchanging them for science equipment!


When we heard about this scheme being run online by The Pod, we instantly felt we had to share it with any and all teachers we know. The idea is simple – schools collect unwanted clothes from students, which are then recycled through The Pod and exchanged for points, that teachers can then spend on science equipment. It’s a win-win situation for clothes-out-growing pupils, teachers, and the environment.

The Pod is an environmental energy programme run by EDF energy, which aims to promote sustainability and energy in schools, through a STEM approach which encourages students to take up engineering – sounds a little bit like a science show company we know, but they also make sure to recycle everything they can, visit here for skip bins Brisbane we can help to recycle everything, the school makes sure to do to do a campaign every two months where they hire Skip Bins in Perth to collect as much as possible!

So from a skip bin hire in Adelaide and a motorised solar system to a rocket factory kit, we’re excited about this idea and really encourage schools to take it up!

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What happens to recycled clothes?

Sometimes clothes are used as charitable donations in developing countries, however often the clothes we don’t want are fairly worn. In this case they’re shredded into scraps and used as stuffing or are made into industrial fabrics.

Bigger in Numbers

There are schemes which pay for clothes recycling. In Cardiff, we’ve found some that pay £6 per 10kg of clothes. However, for one person to build up 10kg of clothes, it takes a long time! The great thing about running a scheme in a school is that many students make light work, and the clothing can quickly build up. Plus, The Pod are keen to promote science in schools, so give good value for money on their clothes trade-in.

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