Could you star in a science video?

The Royal Institution are looking for Welsh families to take part in a science video!ExpeRimental

The RI have a great collection of science videos on their website, and you and your family could be in the next one!

Do you have at least one child aged 5-9? Have you ever wondered how to engage your family with science?


The filming would take place on a Thursday or Friday after school, at a weekend, or half term.  It will take approximately 4 hours in total, including 1 hour of filming with your children. You will be reimbursed for any expenses.


If you fancy being the star of a new video, and for the chance to engage your family with science, drop them an email at:


In the meantime, take a look at the activities on the science made simple blog, with plenty for children of all ages to try. For example, make your own rockets, or even edible DNA model!DNAtwist-225x300alkerseltzer1-300x291


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