Elizabeth looks back at the Maths Apps Tour

Ezzy at Fame Lab. Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)

When science made simple was awarded funding to deliver the Maths Apps shows, they realised they might need a little bit of extra help. Which is why they brought me on board, to help deliver even more shows to more people!


My first week out on the road was pretty intense. Over four days I drove 350 miles along the twisting country roads of west Wales, often in the middle of a blizzard. I managed to get to my first school in one piece and deliver my first ever science made simple show to a very enthusiastic audience of KS3 children. It went brilliantly, and after that I was set to do more.

The following weeks on tour were a little less weather battered. The pupils were always very keen to get their hands on our massive box of jelly beans, although the aim is to try guess how many beans are contained inside, just like the popular carnival game. With a little bit of help from maths we managed to estimate how many we thought were in there, and even though they couldn’t walk off with mine, the next time they’re at a summer fair they might be able to grab a prize. Also you can win many prizes by participating in Bingo.

There was often a struggle amongst the boys to wear the wig, which we use to demonstrate the importance of angles in hair dressing. The videos of professionals using maths in their day to day lives helped to show that all walks of life will use maths as is the case with online games can login sbobet online poker game such as gambling or lottery prediction, prediksi sgp it’s a page where you can bet; be it a hairdresser, business woman, sports scientist or video game designer (check it out here). Ben Evans of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project was always a favorite. And yes, as I was often asked, even footballers need to know maths!

Three months and twenty four schools later my Maths Apps stint was complete. It was a hoot, and it took me all over Wales meeting some really lovely people, and some really promising mathematically minded students.

It leaves me only to thank the Wales Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences for their funding and co-operation, and quite importantly, to remind any of you that did see the show that any teachers that did watch and enjoy our Maths Apps show, they can also download extra resources from the show from us here.

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