Hong Kong – Science Alive 2015

IMG_2840By Becky Holmes

Hong Kong has always been my favourite place to work since I visited in 2007 and 2008, so I was thrilled to be invited to perform again at the brilliant Science Alive 2015 festival at the Hong Kong Science museum organised by the British Council.Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 15.19.25

Even better I was able to take my husband over to roadie for me. One of my career goals is to get so good as a public speaker that I can take my whole family with me when I travel so taking my husband was a great mid step.IMG_2839

We arrived in Hong Kong extra early and had two very fun but jet lagged days off wandering the streets.


The view from the peak.

Hong Kong is very hectic and absolutely fascinating, with sights and sounds all around you and every time you go somewhere, there will be something new to catch your eye!

Our highlights of the trip were attempting to walk back from the peak the best viewpoint to see the Hong Kong lights, the amazing views from the water front of all the buildings, of course the must do tourist trip on the Star Ferry and the amazing hospitality we received from the British Council and the museum.


The Star Ferry.


View over the water of the skyline.







I performed science made simple’s  “It’s only water …. or is it?!” shows seven times in total to over 2000 people, all with the help of my amazing translator Kingston and technician Cacey.


Kingston and Cacey with me.

IMG_2855He really had his work cut out as I never explain things the same way twice.

We also did a one off workshop for families where they all got to try out demos from the show and some new water tricks.

The families really seemed to enjoy the show, despite getting soaked by the demos, but they especially liked my British accent and very poor attempts to speak Chinese, which unintentionally got a laugh every time.

We had an absolutely fab week out in Hong Kong but boy were we glad to get back to our munchkins at home.


IMG_3008Becky xx

p.s.To try out some of the tricks from the water show and workshop, download our water worksheets below.


Free water worksheets

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