And now for an Improvised Comedy Experiment!

Cardiff’s first ever improvisational comedy workshop, all about science, is taking place soon. Make sure you don’t miss out! on this fantastic event taking place on 19th July 2013 at Dempsey’s bar, Cardiff city centre. Read on to find out more.
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Friday 19th July, 2013. 9pm. Cardiff.

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Keep this date free in your calendar. If you’ve already got plans for the Friday night, cancel them! Your friends will understand. Why? Because next Friday night is the night of the first ever science made simple public improvised comedy night! Yes, that’s right, and make no mistake of it. The science made simple crew, working as their experimental improvisation comedy group: The Simpletons, will be putting on an hour of spectacular off-the-cuff hilarity on Friday 19th July, in Dempsey’s Bar, Cardiff.

the simpletons_plain_wide_ezzy

So, err… what is it?

Improvised comedy, as the name suggests, is not scripted by the performers. Instead we bounce off suggestions taken from the audience (that’s you!) and turn them into entertaining scenes and games. Many of you will probably be familiar with the television show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, and this is exactly the kind of thing we’re trying out.


Abby and Dan, talking funny. Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)

And the best bit, because it’s part of the Cardiff Science Festival week, we’re looking to keep the comedy loosely based around scientific themes; whether that’s discoveries or famous people or anything else you suggest!

Some of the games we’ll be doing include acting as pretend translators to foreign scientists, being an ’emo choir’, and acting out… actually, we’ll wait until the night to explain and enlighten you fully!

Zoë and Simon. Jolly japes.

Zoë and Simon, jolly japes. Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)

Dotted around this page are photos of us doing some practise sessions. The thing is, whilst we are learning the techniques and the rules of the games that we’re going to perform, we can’t predict what our audience will give us and what this will bring! It’s a whole experiment.


So then, to business!

We’d love you to be part of this, and let’s face it, you’ll enjoy being there. The event is being held at 9pm on Friday 19th July, in Dempsey’s Bar. There’s a map below if you need help finding it. When you get there, go inside and towards the back of the room, then up the stairs, and you’ll find us. Did we mention there’s a private bar there too?

We’re running this show for free, however we will be taking donations on the door (recommended £3) for our chosen charity; The East Anglican Air Ambulance. This charity has a personal resonance with us, as the air ambulance helped our presenter James during a critical period of his life in a serious car accident.


However, it gets better!

james-flyer-draft-2Our aforementioned James Piercy will also be performing his What’s Going On In His Head show earlier on Friday night in the same venue at 7.30pm. This is one of our new shows this year, and so far it has proved very popular. Here James covers his own personal experiences with brain damage and how memory works, in a show which is both engaging, emotional and involving. Why not come to the two events together?




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