Music experiments with Eleri Sion Show (BBC Radio Wales)

by Wendy Sadler


At 3pm on the 17th February, I was on the Eleri Sion show on BBC Radio Wales to demonstrate some simple science experiments you can do with your kids whilst they’re on half-term.

They will all make lots of noise (always good for radio!) but in case you need some visuals to help you make them, here are the pics and links you might need.

Make your own Star Wars sound effects.

For instructions on how to make your own Star Wars sound effects, have a look here.

Make a Saxophone out of a straw.

This is the shape you need for your straw saxophone..


Clucking cups.

This is how to make your clucking cup…


Put a small hole in the bottom and tie a knot on some string so it doesn’t pull through


Hold the cup firmly in one hand and use a damp cloth or fingers to tug on the string

Musical wine glasses

Any wine glass which isn’t too thick will do for the musical wine glass. Dip your finger in the liquid and rub around the rim until you hear a pure sound coming out. The friction between your finger and the glass as it sticks and slips create the vibrations that make the sound. The amount of water (or wine) in the glass changes the note.

8135122478_095d946586_z 8135101397_2de335f375_z

You can find more instructions and an explanation here.

Check out our youngest member of science made simple having a go.

We have a whole show full of experiments about Music, science and technology – why not book it for your local school or festival event?

Happy playing….


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