Top 10 Obscure Holidays

Introducing MAD – Mates Appreciation Day

Sparked by a rather sad series of events affecting the friends and family of our lovely science made simple team we have decided to give an extra Bank Holiday each year for all our staff. The condition is they make it a priority to tell their friends and family how great they are and spend some time with them. It’s called MAD (Mates Appreciation Day) and will be the last Friday of October half-term each year. When did you last tell your mates how great they are? Do it now before you need them in a crisis or – even worse – lose them unexpectedly. Spread the word…


Here are 9 other interesting holidays we found that made it into our Top 10 list. What’s your favourite? No pants day or pi day?


2. No Pants day

On the first Friday in May join people across the world who go commando to celebrate this pant prank.


3. La Tomatina

A tomato throwing festival held in Buñol near Valencia happens every year on the last Wednesday in August.


4. Pi day

A celebration of the weird and wonderful number pi It is celebrated on 14th March as it is equal to 3.14. The exact time of pi day celebrations is 14th March at 1:59:26 p.m. as the value of π is 3.1415926 if taken in seven decimal places.


5. El Colacho

The Spanish baby jumping festival. New born babies are laid on a mattress and men dressed as the devil jump over them!


6. Tunarama

Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, Australia hold a tuna tossing competition each year at the end of January. Fling a fish for fun.


7. Elephant day

March 13th, Thailand. Pack your trunk and head off to celebrate these wonderful creatures.


8. Day of the Dead

Each November Mexicans gather to remember members of their families who have died in a celebration of life on a day of the dead.


9. Melon day

On 12 August head to Turkmenistan to celebrate the melon. A fruitful time can be expected.


10. Punctuation day

On September 24th America invites it’s people to observe a day devoted, to the correct use of; full stops, commas and apostrophe’s. How many errors in this piece!


Enjoy, and happy mates day!

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