Pupil to Presenter – Prince’s Trust and Will I Am funded project

XL club pupils put on a successful science show!

Bedwas High School students have successfully put on a science event at Graig Y Rhacca Primary, Machen. Including fun science galore, they taught the younger pupils the science of records with a record playing van, science of reactions with water rockets, and the science of nappies with a magic trick!

The Bedwas High pupils have been receiving training from ‘science made simple’, the award winning Cardiff based science communication company as part of a Will I Am and Prince’s Trust funded project, to turn a group of secondary pupils into science presenters.

Becky Holmes and a team of science communicators from science made simple have worked closely with the group of Y10 students from Bedwas High School over the past six weeks. You can see the results in this video:

Find out how to make the alka seltzer rockets seen in the video here.


Will I Am’s mission was to get more young people enjoying science. Over six weeks, the pupils and science made simple team have done just that. The students come from the XL programme, which is developed and run by The Prince’s Trust, a youth charity, offering practical and financial support to young people. The XL programme promotes experiential learning to aid young people’s personal development and to allow them to gain confidence, self-esteem and skills needed to promote a positive future.

Ted performing the 'magic cups' science demonstration

Ted performing the ‘magic cups’ science demonstration.  Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)

Don't get wet! Chantelle, Chloe and Chloe talk about gravity

Don’t get wet! Chantelle, Chloe and Chloe talk about gravity. Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)


The aim of the project was for expert science communicators to work with a group of students in an XL club, provide training, support and equipment, and pass on skills necessary to become science presenters.

“6 weeks ago, when I first met them, the students were quite reluctant to speak even in front of each other, the transformation today is fantastic!”- Becky Holmes


Each week, Becky has focussed on different skills involved in presenting science experiments, from writing risk assessments for using scientific equipment, to the difference between explaining something to a friend, and presenting on a stage in front of an audience. The students have learnt how to speak with a microphone, how to explain scientific messages to a younger audience, and how to work in groups to develop a presentable science demonstration.

Students had to consider the kit list, key messages and health and safety of their demonstrations

Students had to consider the kit list, key messages and health and safety of their demonstrations. Image: science made simple (CC-BY-NC)


“I’m very proud, they all did great today and showed great initiative. They interacted really well with volunteers, and it was clear from the applause and laughter that their efforts were appreciated!” – Becky Holmes

Discovering a 'bananamophone' - a piano you play with bananas!

Discovering a ‘bananamophone’ – a piano you play with bananas! Photo: science made simple (All Rights Reserved)

If you, like us, are intrigued by the concept of a ‘bananamophone’, find out more here!


Science made simple is a Cardiff-based social enterprise with a passion for science, maths, and all things associated with it! We aim to share our enthusiasm by offering a selection of inspirational and educational experiences that are tailor-made for schools, festivals, adult audiences and the public. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, to engage the wider public with STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) as part of popular culture.

Contact science made simple on 02920 876 884 or info@sciencemadesimple.co.uk



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