Space Made Simple at Cheltenham Science Festival

By Matthew Allen


Science communicator Parker demonstrating what a potato and an asteroid have in common!

The space made simple team were at the Cheltenham science festival last week, showing off some amazing science demos and talking with families, school children and teachers about Astronomy!

The Cheltenham Science Festival is one of the largest and well known annual celebrations of science in the UK. Every year, thousands of people go along to explore and learn about the latest science discoveries and research, in a friendly and relaxed environment. Space made simple were there this year, from the 7th-12th of June, talking about the workshops that we take to schools, as well as showing off some of the cool science demonstrations and experiments that we do!


3D show performer Emma getting ready to begin her 3D space show

Over the 6 days of the festival, we tested whether passers by would make good astronauts by measuring their reaction times, by making them catch a falling ruler. We also showed them how light bouncing off of a rotating potato (nicknamed the rotato!) was similar to how we study asteroids. Our 3D show performer Emma put on a 3D space show in the 650 seater performance tent, amazing the public with tours of our solar system and the Universe, whilst not leaving the Gloucestershire town!

The aim for space made simple was to show off some of the amazing things that we do in our school workshops and demonstrate how fun science can be. We met thousands of people, talking to them about space and astronomy, which hopefully helped create some young scientists for the future!

 Bringing the Universe to you


We are the space made simple team part of a social enterprise called science made simple who perform science, maths and engineering shows to schools, festivals and public audiences.

You can find out more about what we do, check out our exciting range of shows and workshops, or sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on what we are up to!


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