What we did in January 2018

Despite being the first month of the year, January has been very busy for us here at science made simple.  We’ve been delivering brand new virtual reality workshops around South Wales, we’ve presented Welsh language shows in North Wales, we’ve conducted training sessions in Brussels, and we’ve even been doing some science busking on the Great Wall of China!

What’s New?

We’ve started selling ‘Pwy sydd eisiau fod un Uwcharwr?’, our Welsh language version of one of our most popular shows, ‘Who wants to be a Superhero?.

We also launched our exciting Virtual Reality workshop – “International Space Session: Team Challenge”

And the children LOVED it!


While we were at the Open University David also did a spot of Science Busking training.


Where have we been?

Our ace science busking trainer, David Price, spent the first part of January on a training trip in China!

David was commissioned to run a training programme by the Beijing Culture Centre for China Originality.

The trainees were science educational professionals that came from all over China, and what a varied and lively group they were!  Their enthusiasm, patience and willingness to do silly things in the name of science knew no bounds!

After a day of instruction and experimentation in the art and craft of science busking the 2nd graduation day of the training took place on the streets of Beijing, with the trainees putting theory into practice with the Beijing public.  This worked very well indeed with the trainees soon dispelling any last minute nerves and really strutting their sciencey stuff!

Last min instructions before trainees take to the streets of Beijing with their busking routines.

In amongst a busy schedule, we managed to squeeze in a flying science busking visit to the Great Wall of China!  And what a day it was with a windchill factor of -27 if trainees did not busk they would have frozen!

Overall David commented, that it was hugely satisfying to witness the enthusiasm and appetite in China, for models of science communication championing a greater use self-expression and use of the imagination.

A huge thank you from David to Jane the director of the Culture Centre and all her staff for all their hard work, hospitality and cooperation during the training, and to Ben who translated with such skill, passion and integrity.

David also found time to join hundreds of teachers and education professionals at the ASE National conference in Liverpool.

David got a chance to run 2 sessions at the conference around the art and practice of science busking in schools, looking at the implementation of science busking in schools in the UK and beyond.  Delegates really got a sense of the can-do nature of busking and its real practical benefits for pupils/teachers / and schools!

David was blown away by the interest in science busking expressed by a very diverse range of education professionals at the conference.

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