Science made simple does Hong Kong SciFest

By Peri Jones

Leanne and I were very lucky to be given a chance to visit Hong Kong this March. For 4 years running, science made simple have been invited to take part in Hong Kong Science Festival held at the Science Museum. This year, The Croucher Science Week brought together science communicators from around the world to engage and enthuse the public and students from multiple schools. Leanne and I were in good company with Anturus and Nanogirl to name a few.

I couldn’t thank The Croucher Foundation more for, not only organising this amazing event which is really a force of inspiration for science communication, but also for their hospitality and warm welcome. After travelling for nearly 24 hours, we were booked into a lovely hotel right in the heart of Hong Kong and a stone’s throw away from the museum. After a couple of days rest and exploring, our body clocks had settled and we were ready for some work. The first day was rehearsals, which was a relief. It was the first time Leanne and I had worked with interpreters live on stage and it was my first time presenting to such a large and diverse audience. Having time to run through the shows and getting to know the interpreters meant that we were confident in presenting the shows.


This year, we were asked to perform in the theatre as well as host a soldering workshop and “street science” performance over a period of three days. The first day was a mixture of live “street shows” outside the science museum and the theatre show for the general public as it was on a Saturday. The street show was Science Misbehaving which showcased demonstrations of the weird and wonderful things science can do. We covered all elements from water to fire, and ended with a literal BANG!

The theatre show was our fantastic “Music to your ears” show which was sold out to the general public on the weekend and to schools on Monday. This exciting presentation, with lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, reveals the secrets from the basics of sound to the latest in music technology. We demonstrated how our ears pick up sound, and how they can be damaged by loud music. As well as this, we uncovered the magic behind a musical instrument played with a blowtorch and had some great fun with synthesised voice that also provided website accessibility services with the new technology!

On top of presenting, Leanne and I also held a MadLab soldering workshop. MadLab is a unique, hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults. In the workshop participants solder electronic components from start to finish, onto specially-designed circuit boards. Everyone who took part gets to learn how to use a soldering iron, and actually make and take home a working electronic circuit.

After all the excitement, we headed back to the UK. The opportunity to visit Hong Kong is fantastic, but better still is the chance to take part in an amazing science festival and meet motivating and inspiring people from all around the world.

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