Who wants to be a Superhero?

Becky Holmes presents Who Wants to be a SuperheroJust what exactly do scientists and engineers do? How do planes fly?  How can we see through the dust in space? How do engineers make playgrounds safer to play in?  How are they saving the planet?


Meet six real-life young scientists and engineers working in Wales.  Each one has made a sixty-second video about their job and what they enjoy most about it.  These are interspersed with discussion from a live presenter and interactive demonstrations involving volunteers from the audience.

This is a careers driven show aiming to introduce Key Stage Two pupils to the wide range of careers available in science and engineering, and to show them that scientists and engineers are people just like them! The show also covers gravity, forces, energy, light, space, the environment and materials.

You can view three of the short films from the show featuring our real-life superheroes below:


Curriculum Links

Key Stage 2

Ideas and Evidence in Science:

  • Thinking creatively
  • Testing ideas using evidence from observation and measurement

Forces and Motion:

  • Gravity, friction, air resistance and equal and opposite reaction
  • Materials and their properties

Light and Sound:

  • Light travels from a source
  • Light cannot pass through some materials



50 or 60 minute versions available

Suggested audiences

  • 7-11 year olds
  • Families or mixed age groups
  • Festivals and events

We will need the venue to provide

  • Power sockets
  • Projector Screen
  • Two long tables
  • Room that can be darkened is preferable

What people say about us

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    • “There is no doubt at all that you made a big impact on the pupils, on the parents and indeed on all those who were privileged to be present”
      R. Court, Birkdale School, Sheffield
    • “You had an attentive and appreciative audience, quite an achievement when you consider that there were eight hundred 14-16 year olds in the auditorium”
      R. Newby, The Training Partnership
    • “Loved how much the children were involved, and the enthusiasm of Zoë – amazing”
      Thomas’s Clapham, London
    • “We all thoroughly enjoyed the two different shows that you put on for us! The children were all talk about them the following day! The teachers were too!”
      Mary Mother of Hope School, Dublin
    • “We had around 2700 visitors. 98% of visitors rated the event as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Your session was also named by a number of guests as their ‘highlight’ of the festival”
      J. Heaton-Marriott, Lancashire Science Festival
    • “Your contribution has drawn extremely positive comments from all sections of the school community – pupils and staff, parents, governors and others”
      K. Geary, Marlwood School, Bristol
    • “Both the staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows and taking part; it was a very welcome addition to our Science Day which provided and opportunity to present science to the children in an exciting way.”
      Thomas Jolyffe Primary School
    • “This was the best show. Amazing story! Heartfelt, emotional but furthermore very informative and I found a lot out!”
      Visitor, Lancashire Science Festival
    • “Zoe was very pleasant, enthusiastic and engaged the children throughout each show. A very enjoyable day, everyone commented on Zoe’s enthusiasm”
      Uplands Junior School
    • “The show was organised, professional and creative. Many thanks for your hard work and commitment.”
      J. Ford, Barry Comprehensive
    • “David was very clever, funny and kept the children engaged.”
      Cross Gates Primary School