SEN Workshops – Science Explorers

Investigate the science of sound with our multi-sensory science workshops, developed especially for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

In these workshops, our experienced presenters will lead your students through an exploration of sound through their senses.

Our fun and surprising demonstrations are designed to be accessible for all using a mixture of taste, touch, sight and hearing.

The workshop is based upon our longest-running and most popular show “Music to Your Ears”. Our presenter will work with your staff’s expertise in engaging your students and adapt the workshop to a level suitable for every student.

“we felt like it matched each pupil, regardless of where they are for their learning – it just engaged them, it was brilliant

– Teacher, Trinity Fields SEN School

Workshop Aims

● For participants to enjoy exploring science with multi-sensory hands-on accessible experiments
● For participants to feel comfortable
● For participants to leave with a sense of achievement – “I have just been a scientist. I could become a scientist”.

Workshop Objectives

● To engage all workshop participants in a way suitable for them
● To give ideas to support staff to increase their confidence with STEM subjects

STEM Concepts covered

● Sound is caused by vibrations
● Low sounds travel better through solids
● A string is a solid

“Great science lesson with the children and staff were well engaged. Would love this more often.”

Literally the highlight of my week”

-Teachers, Ty Gwyn SEN School


  • 15-20 minute long workshops
  • Up to 6 workshops in a day

Suggested audiences

  • Designed for students with a wide range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities including ASD and PMLD
  • Ideal for audiences who find STEM subjects challenging

Group Size

  • Maximum 12 participants and their support staff
  • Generally works best keeping with your regular class size

We will need the venue to provide

  • 2 tables
  • Seats or appropriate alternatives for staff and students
  • Access to warm water close by
  • Drinking water for the presenters

Show reel

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This workshop was developed through funding from a charitable foundation, and with consultation from SEND teachers and education specialists.

The workshop has been extensively piloted to over 60 classes across 6 SEN schools in Wales, reaching over 550 students and 180 teaching and support staff. We are proud to share with you highlights from our evaluation from teachers who attended our pilot workshops:


Prices for science made simple start at just £575+VAT for up to 6 performances of Science Explorers in a day.

We have offices in the North of England and South Wales. Our prices are split into 4 zones based on your nearest available presenter. Presenters are happy to travel all over the UK, and abroad, all year round, subject to availability. To check if a day is available give us a call on 02920 876 884

Zone 1 –  venue is 40 miles or less from available presenter –  £575+VAT

Zone 2 –  venue is between 41 to 80 miles from available presenter – £650+VAT

Zone 3 –  venue is between 81 to 120 miles from available presenter – £735+VAT

Zone 4 –  venue is more than 120 miles from available presenter –  Please contact us for a personalised quote

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