The Experimentrics!

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“It’s not often children’s theatre truly inspires but this defies anyone, no matter what their age, not to stare in wonder as two techno-clowns present an altogether different kind of science class… This is inventive, well-imagined stuff that keeps a smile on your face from start to finish.”  The Scotsman

science theatre audience

“Absolutely fantastic! My two children were captivated throughout.” Audience member

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The Concept

Building on the evaluation of science demonstrations from over ten years in the field, we have found that the curious and visually stunning experiments have the most impact on audiences. These demonstrations can affect people the most in terms of their attitudes towards science as a subject. visualise started from a question – what would happen if the talking was removed from a science demonstration show? The performance has evolved over time into a thought-provoking piece of playful physical theatre.

Less explanation; more exploration!