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visualise science theatre show

“…with every part done seamlessly and with cunning genius. It’s the science lesson children will so enjoy, they’ll never know they’ve learned something.”

BlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar The Herald, 21st August 2008

visualise theatre show polarisarion“It’s not often children’s theatre truly inspires but this defies anyone, no matter what their age, not to stare in wonder as two techno-clowns present an altogether different kind of science class… This is inventive, well-imagined stuff that keeps a smile on your face from start to finish.”

BlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar The Scotsman, 20th August 2008.

“Excellent stuff. My kids loved it and they’re a tough crowd. Go see it for yourself” – Audience Member

“… a wholly multimedia experience and a dazzling display of honest fun. I wish school science was taught like this.”BlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar ThreeWeeks, August 2008.

“…encouraging kids to look at their world through a scientific lens is no easy feat, and Sirop and Smith do it very well.” BlackstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar The List, 14th August 2008

visualise science show“…a chorus of wows testament to its effect on the young audience.The Stage, 6th August 2008

“The best children’s show we’ve ever seen”
Audience Member
“I always thought the science was boring. My opinion has changed. Thanks!” Schoolchild, Turkey

“A ground-breaking project!” Panagiotis Filntisis, Vice-President of the Greek Physics Association. October 2007

“…the show itself was very inspiring and exciting…it was the PERFECT ‘product’ for our targeted audience. Everybody loved it.” British Council Greece, Athens, October 2007

“My son was fascinated visualise accompanying activitieswith the scientific part of the entire show, the experiments and possible explanations. In terms of how this show changed our lives I can tell you that I have a shopping list with items I need to buy so that we can do the experiments ourselves.” Audience member, Bucharest, September 2007

“Dear Debbie and Gaz, you were Simply fantastic! Thank you so much for your great effort and amazing performence! Not to mention our boy couldn’t beleive an hour has passed so quickly and was so deeply disappointed the spectacle was over and we had to go… We think this was his first moment in life when he’s fallen in love..with what you have shown him.. .Once again, thank you so much and keep up the good work.Email from Bulgaria, September 2007

 “…an enjoyable and hypnotic show, mischievously presented and skillfully combining multimedia effects with live science to engage a wide audience”  Hairline, Edinburgh Fringe August 2007

Watch the video from our tour in Poland below.