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Would a T-Rex see me if I stood still?

By Rhys L Griffiths “Don’t move, he can’t see us if we don’t move.” We’ve all heard these words muttered by Dr Alan Grant as the T-Rex break free from it’s enclosure and starts sniffing around the jeeps. That is

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Different coloured eyes: the beauty of heterochromia

By Becca Smithers Have you ever spotted that some people, cats, dogs, and other animals, have eyes that are different colours? Their left eye may be blue, and their right eye may be brown. How is it possible for an

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The Floating Sausage!

Do you want to see the floating sausage? In this video James shows you how to see a floating sausage where the pictures from your two eyes overlap.   Sign up for our newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for

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How do our eyes work?

by Zoë Gamble   Many of us take our vision for granted, but have you ever wondered how this fascinating organ actually works? How do our eyes allow us to see objects as small as a human hair, or as far

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