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What are your chances of winning the lottery?

By Matthew Allen People often say that you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery, but is it true? If so, it makes you wonder: what other unlikely events are more likely to happen to you than

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How many sweets in the Jar – using maths!

By Matthew Allen We’ve all been to a fair or fete and played the game ‘Guess how many sweets in the jar’. Maybe your technique is to try to count as many as you can see or perhaps you’re just a wild

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What makes the perfect Christmas song?

By Matthew Allen Every year, we listen to the same classic Christmas songs. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, ‘White Christmas’, ‘Fairytale of New York’… the list goes on. But how many of the songs that you listen to around

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The Science of Disney

Here at science made simple, we have written a string of blogs exploring the science within classic animated Disney films. So we decided to group them all together so you Disneyphiles don’t have to look far to get your fix

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The Monty Hall Problem

By Becca Smithers In 1963 a game show called “Let’s Make a Deal” surfaced in America, and was hosted by a man called Monty Hall. One of the sections of the show has caused endless mathematical debate due to it’s

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Top 12 facts you about…errr 12!

Today it’s 12/12/12! So, to celebrate this little trinket, we’ve extended our usual top ten blog to twelve little factoids to make your day.   1.The word twelve is the largest number with a single syllable in the English language.

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