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The science & engineering of Back to the Future

Despite a number of internet hoaxes over the last year, today – the 21st October, 2015 – is finally the actual date Marty McFly and Doc travelled forward to in the sequel of Back to the Future (released 1989). Those

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St David’s Day daffodil science

Turn your daffodils red for St David’s Day! Happy St David’s Day! You can’t beat the cheery yellow face of the daffodils popping up all over the place – or can you? We often associate red with Wales, so could

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‘Tis the season to be jolly… scientists!

by Rosie Coates With Christmas around the corner, we’re feeling festive at science made simple HQ, and for us festivities always mean extra helpings of science.  In this blogpost we’ll delve into some of the science featuring in Yuletide weather,

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The Science of Bonfire Night: Explosions!

“Remember remember the 5th of November, fireworks, treacle and snot!”   by David Price Ever wanted to blow something up, I mean really smash it to bits? Atomise it? Spread it to the 4 winds? Me too! The story so

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Halloween Science

For this week’s blog post, we’ve turned out the lights! Although I’m sure Halloween was never really a thing when I was a youngster, nowadays it seems to take up a whole purple-lit aisle in the supermarket, so we’ll go

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Top 10 Eggsperiments!

Ah, summer is a-coming. I can feel it in the air. Daylight savings time has blessed us all with being able to see where we’re going slightly longer. Daffodils are… where was I… oh right, top ten eggsperiments! Easter has

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Earth Hour Science

At 20.30 UK time today millions of people all over the world will be taking part in Earth Hour by switching off their lights.  We think this is a great idea not just because we think raising awareness of our

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Science demos your Valentine will love!

Romance is in the air! What better way to celebrate than by buying a disgusting card you’d never buy any other time of the year, then going to an overpriced restaurant with a limited menu, crammed between an excessive number of

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