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Can you use poo to generate power?

By Rhys L Griffiths and Peri Jones Everybody poops. In fact the human race produces over 1,000,000 tonnes of the stuff every day. With fossils fuels running out and concerns growing over the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, could

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Blogiau Cymraeg

Yma yn Science Made Simple, rydym wedi ysgrifennu cyfres o flogiau Cymraeg. Felly penderfynon ni grwpio nhw gyda’i gilydd fel nad oes angen i chi edrych yn bell ar gyfer gwyddoniaeth trwy’r Gymraeg.   Rydyn ni’n Science Made Simple, menter gymdeithasol sy’n

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Ymdrafferthu Ag Ymasiad

Yn science made simple, rydym wastad yn edrych am flogwyr o du allan i’r cwmni i ymddangos ar ein gwefan. Ysgrifennwyd y blog yma gan Meirin Evans, sy’n cyflawni profiad gwaith yn Ysgol Ffiseg a Seryddiaeth Prifysgol Caerdydd yn ystod

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Fussing Over Fusion

At science made simple, we are always eager to have guest bloggers featured on our website. This blog is written by Meirin Evans, who is gaining work experience at Cardiff University’s School of Physics & Astronomy during his summer break

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“I’m Not a Scientist!” – Rainbow Activity 3: Ice Cube Drawing

By Farhin Begum Hello folks! I hope everyone has had an amazing time with  second series on “I’m not a Scientist” blog – rainbow edition! I have one more exciting activity for you and it’s easy to do with things you

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‘I’m not a Scientist!’ – Rainbow Activity 2: Chalk Pathway

By Farhin Begum Welcome to the second blog in this series of “I’m not a Scientist!” As we make our journey through the world of science fun and excitement, I have this activity for you that will not let you

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Volcanoes… To ooze or to boom?

By Leanne Gunn Volcanoes come in lots of shapes and sizes. It is all down to the style of the eruptions that they produce. Some have steep slopes and erupt with big explosions, throwing vast quantities of rock and ash high

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What do people think about chemistry?

By James Piercy Recently the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published the results of a large survey of the public’s perception of chemistry. The project was delivered by market research company TNS BRMB and involved interviews with over 2000 people

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O Chemistree, O Chemistree!

By Becca Smithers Here at science made simple we are big fans of chemistrees in this festive season. Chemistrees are Christmas trees made out of chemistry! Here are some great examples that you can make out of clamp stands, flasks, and

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Is hydrogen peroxide harmful to your hair?

 by Zoë Gamble Throughout history, people (especially women!) have attempted to change the colour of their hair. There is even evidence suggesting that the Ancient Egyptians used a dye to alter the colour of their locks. Fashionable hair colours have

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