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‘Tis the season to be jolly… scientists!

by Rosie Coates With Christmas around the corner, we’re feeling festive at science made simple HQ, and for us festivities always mean extra helpings of science.  In this blogpost we’ll delve into some of the science featuring in Yuletide weather,

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by Rosie Coates It’s Friday: The final day of chemistry week and our final halogens and health blogpost (did you miss fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine?), the subject of which is astatine.  We’ll be looking at it’s uses, resources about

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by Simon Jones Iodine is a chemical of many properties and uses, and that’s what I want to explore in today’s chemistry week blog as well as some of its history and some nice resources making use of the latest

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by Ruth Perkins When I was asked to write about Bromine I was fully prepared to be sitting here blogging about soldiers’ libido and how they were given bromine in their tea to suppress it. I am a bit relieved

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by Rosie Coates Here at science made simple we are celebrating Chemistry Week with a week’s worth of ‘Halogens and Health’.  Today is Tuesday, so it’s the turn of chlorine (Catch up with Monday’s edition on fluorine if you missed

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by Zoë Gamble It’s the first day of Chemistry Week! To celebrate, science made simple are looking at ‘Halogens and Health’. To kick off the week, we’re starting with the first halogen, fluorine, and we’ll be moving down the group

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Happy Chemistry week!

It’s Chemistry Week 2013!  From 16th-23rd November here at science made simple we’ll be celebrating Chemistry Week and you can get involved too, with experiments, resources, information and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s global experiment. Global Experiment The theme this

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The Science of Bonfire Night: Explosions!

“Remember remember the 5th of November, fireworks, treacle and snot!”   by David Price Ever wanted to blow something up, I mean really smash it to bits? Atomise it? Spread it to the 4 winds? Me too! The story so

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Top 10 Eggsperiments!

Ah, summer is a-coming. I can feel it in the air. Daylight savings time has blessed us all with being able to see where we’re going slightly longer. Daffodils are… where was I… oh right, top ten eggsperiments! Easter has

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Astonishing Diffusion

Diffusion is the movement of something from an area of high concentration to a lower concentration. Imagine a long rectangular box with a wall in the middle separating the two sides. Crammed in one side is a huge swarm of

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