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MURFI Rover Trial: UK scientists prepare to drive rovers on Mars

By Leanne Gunn The popularity of science fiction films and books shows us that there is something very exciting about exploring other worlds and planets. For many people this stops at fiction, however, for planetary scientists, like Dr Matthew Balme and

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Round Ireland with a Geologist

By Rhys L Griffiths I had always wanted to travel around Ireland and now I was getting the chance! It was my first week working for science made simple and I was off on a tour of Ireland, presenting science shows… science

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Volcanoes… To ooze or to boom?

By Leanne Gunn Volcanoes come in lots of shapes and sizes. It is all down to the style of the eruptions that they produce. Some have steep slopes and erupt with big explosions, throwing vast quantities of rock and ash high

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Did the Earth Move for You?

By James Piercy Back in January I travelled to Malta to work with staff at Esplora a new science centre opening soon on the island. At about 06.00 on 13th January I was disturbed a loud noise and rattling. It only

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The Hidden Depths of the Ocean

  This infographic was created by The Water Filter Men _________________________________________________________________________ We are science made simple, a social enterprise who perform science, maths and engineering shows to schools, festivals and public audiences. You can find out more about what we

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Excavating the Roman Empire in Britain

  By Leanne Gunn This summer I spent two weeks working alongside 12 teenage volunteers helping to excavate part of the Arbeia Roman Rort and its surrounding settlement in South Shields, Newcastle. The project was run by an international environmental charity called Earthwatch,

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‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 3: Crystal Sticks

By Farhin Begum Hello my fellow non-scientists (and scientists of course)! I really hope you all are enjoying my crystals activities so far! Unfortunately, this will be the last crystals activity, as there are lots of other exciting and creative things

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Why did dinosaurs become extinct?

By Leanne Gunn From the day dinosaur fossils were first discovered they captured the heart and imagination of children and adults alike. Perhaps this is why discoveries of these massive bones were once thought of as proof of dragons, giants and

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Geology Rocks – The “Choc” Cycle

By Leanne Gunn   To most people a rock is just a rock, nothing noteworthy or special, but to a geologist rocks are puzzle pieces full of evidence about the history of our planet.  This blog post explains the rock cycle and contains a simple activity

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‘I’m not a Scientist..!’ – Crystals Activity 2: Chocolate Crystal Geode

By Farhin Begum Hello to all you scientists and non scientists! I am so glad you came back for some more crystal action! The last activity I did was an exciting experiment on growing your own Egg Geodes, which sadly

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