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How to safely view the Mercury Transit

By Natasha Mendes On Monday 9th May 2016 between 12:00 Noon and 7:30pm the transit of Mercury across our Sun will be visible in the UK. Our new science made simple branch in Milton Keynes will be hosting a free

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Ask Tim Peake

Compiled by the Astrocymru team, here are all the questions you have always wanted to ask Tim Peake, the astronaut. What happens if you sneeze wearing a spacesuit, what effect will gravity have on his body and what is he

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One Second Science

By Zoë Gamble Science is incredible. Here are some of the surprising and crazy things that can happen in just one second, along with our favourite one second experiment. Facts about you In one second… The blood leaving your heart

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National Sun Screen Day 27th May

By Ruth Perkins Well hello sunshine! Today is National Sun Screen Day so let’s take a look at our skin’s love/hate relationship with that great glowing sphere in the sky. As well as all the light we can see, there

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A total eclipse of the sun! Well…almost!

  By Becca Smithers Here in the UK on 20th March between 8:35 am and 10:41 am there will be a massive partial eclipse of the sun. The further north you go, the moon will obscure more and more of the

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Searching for Other Worlds

Here at science made simple we are keen to inspire not only the next generation of scientists but also the next generation of science communicators. Supporting work experience students each year is an important part of what we do.  Our

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Elizabeth goes to Russia in search of a meteorite for a film documentary.

By Elizabeth Pearson, an astronomer at Cardiff University and presenter for science made simple. On 15th February 2013 an explosion was heard in the air above Chelyabinsk, Russia, blowing out windows and doors for miles around. It was not, as many

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